End user

Individuals and companies
which do not buy converters for resale.

Registration is not required.


Companies which buy converters for the purpose of resale
to their custommers as manufacturers or suppliers.

This part of the shop is available only to registered business partners

Product ordering steps

Creation of the order request through the Webshop

  • Select the desired products and their quantity in the first step.
  • Fill out the invoice and delivery details in the second step
  • Verify your order and all the entered information in the third step.
  • Send your order request. A copy of the generated message will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

Order validation

After receiving and processing your order request we will send you a pre-invoice with payment instructions based on your payment method choice. In case of insufficient amount of converters in stock we will inform you by e-mail about possible delivery date or the possibility of splitting the order into multiple deliveries.

Payment of the pre-invoice

The content of the pre-invoice and the agreed delivery method becomes binding after accepting the payment for the pre-invoice. The products will be shipped to your address in the shortest time possible. The shipment contains the products, invoice and the delivery bill. The delivery bill acts also as a warranty certificate. Normally we ship out the ordered products on the day we receive the receipt of payment or on the next work day. The delivery can also be made according to pre-arranged delivery process.

Product shipment

You will receive a shipment confirmation e-mail with a tracking number after your order has been handed over to the delivery company.